Microsoft Dynamics CRM Ecommerce

MicrosoftDynamics Integrated CRM Ecommerce

Microsoft Dynamics Integrated CRM Ecommerce

Gartner has raised its guidance on the enterprise CRM to $36 billion by 2017, putting CRM at the top of the list of enterprise software expenditures.

However, Gartner also notes “During the past one to two years, disruptive forces — such as social CRM, mobility and cloud computing — are catalysts to force organizations to rearchitect their CRM strategy and integrate the sales and marketing components in a more holistic way that redefines the front-office operations and also integrates these with the existing back-office processes and systems. This requires an increased emphasis on enterprise architectures and information architectures that integrate the CRM applications into the business operations and with other operational systems (that is, ERP, supply chain management and electronic commerce). “

Given that the ultimate value of CRM investment is driving revenue growth, operating your CRM systems in a silo, without a frictionless pipeline directly into your sales order systems is short-sighted.   Integration tools have matured to a level that allows business to implement best of breed solutions and automate the flow of data and processes between efficiently and effectively.

Another area of opportunity that business should focus on is sales process engineering and automation of a multi-dimensional selling system.  In addition to organizing, tracking and providing business intelligence, properly implemented CRM systems should be designed around strategic sales engineering processes including automation of tactical sales processes where possible. Effectively engaging customers and prospects should utilize a multi-dimensional approach that includes social media, educational resources, reminders, offers and other reinforcing incentives that help insure that your sales efforts are communicated fully and effectively.  Contact Ahhhaweb today to learn more about integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecommerce solutions and how they can help your business capture new customers and increase sales.