Microsoft Dynamics NAV Ecommerce

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Ecommerce

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Ecommerce fully integrated solutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your online sales operations.

Integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV ecommerce solutions from Ahhhaweb enable merchants to fully automate synchronization ecommerce and back office systems.

Integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV ecommerce solutions from Ahhhaweb enable merchants to empower customers with easy access to the latest product information, easy order placement and account management capabilities. Save time and money by synchronizing front-end order acquisition with back-end order management and fulfillment. Upsell more and re-engage customers through integrated marketing initiatives.

• Get the right data at the right time to deliver an outstanding buying experience for shoppers
• Synchronization of data ensures each system has the latest, most accurate data without requiring data entry overhead costs
• Timing of each element is controlled through an online interface to the integration connector
Leveraging our integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV ecommerce solution provides merchants with synchronized business application data for:
• Customer Accounts
• Orders
• Product Information
Our integration technology easily scales to handle added volume as your business grows and also supports rapid integrations for other business critical applications.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ecommerce data flow chart

Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV ecommerce solution integrates customers, products, inventory and sales orders between your e-commerce site, Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM. Businesses can keep all three systems in synch, eliminating time consuming data entry and costly mistakes.